About us

Blue Who? BlueGlue provide tailored end to end managed recruitment services for your business.

We can

  • Reduce the time your HR team and Hiring Managers spend administering the recruitment process
  • Improve cash flow by reducing recruitment spend
  • Reduce your reliance on agencies
  • Be agile and flexible, so our model meets your business needs, no matter how challenging
  • Ensure that you remain the first choice for both emerging and experienced talent
  • Provide recruitment with an international reach


  • By providing our clients with a dedicated team to manage every part of the recruitment process
  • By supplying our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) free with our managed service, you can keep track of your entire hiring process
  • By transparently reporting on key metrics including time to hire and cost per hire, allowing greater cost control
  • By embedding ourselves within your business and understanding your core values and behaviours
  • By ensuring an exceptional candidate experience through honest, helpful advice and support
  • By using the latest talent attraction and acquisition tools to find the best talent
  • By enhancing employer brand and value proposition

We at BlueGlue are committed to ensuring that our business values meet and exceed the
expectations of our stakeholders..

Our Commitment to Clients

  • We create clear contracts and ensure that clients are aware of terms upon signing
  • We are dedicated to customer retention and satisfaction
  • We work towards the continuous improvement of our products and services, to ensure the best quality possible
  • We offer clear and fair pricing structures
  • We ensure that all candidates we provide to clients have the correct documents for working in the UK without restrictions

Our Commitment to Candidates

  • We do not put candidates forward for roles we have not deemed them suitable for
  • We will not put candidates forward for roles without their direct consent
  • We will not alter the CVs or other information of candidates
  • We do not charge candidates for our services
  • We aim to provide candidates with clear feedback so they fully understand where they are in the process, and what they can do to improve their job search
  • We will never put undue pressure on a candidate to accept a role
BlueGlue was founded in 2005 by Bill Ingram and David Johnson, a former recruitment consultant and a technology company CFO.
They were unbelievably excited by the UK start-up scene. Bill saw how much help entrepreneurial technology companies needed with the hiring process. Bill witnessed that the traditional recruitment model didn’t compliment their business needs, and that a new solution was required.
David knew that CFOs, like him, needed to bring the cost of hiring down, but with higher quality candidates and less recruitment administration. Together, they had a vision, and they created an innovative, agile, high touch hiring solution – BlueGlue.

Rumour has it that inspiration struck on a cliff-top in Colorado. 


Bill Ingram – Managing Director

Bill is a recruitment evangelist. He is co-founder of BlueGlue and the main architect of its unique
Recruitment Process Outsourcing Model. Bill has a fetish for bright shoes, themed suits and weird hats.


David Johnson – CFO

David has first hand experience of the challenge of hiring good people efficiently and cost effectively. Prior to setting up BlueGlue he was VP European Operations for Be Free, an internet marketing ASP which successfully listed on NASDAQ prior to merging with Valueclick.


Jonny Summers – Sales Director

Jonny joined BlueGlue in 2009 with responsibility for growing the client base through innovative sales and marketing campaigns. Jonny is now the Sales Director for the business and is continuing to sign up fabulous new high growth technology companies.


Steve James – Client Services Manager

Steve joined BlueGlue in 2007, he was the fourth person to join the company, so he knows BlueGlue inside out. Steve grew the company’s Client Services function, and now manages the Client Services Team. Steve provides face-to-face relationship management up to and including C-level and Board Level executives across all departments of the business for some of BlueGlue’s major accounts.


Rebecca Shaw – Client Services Manager

Rebecca started her recruitment career in 2005, before joining BlueGlue in 2007. She worked hard to revolutionise the way BlueGlue found candidates, creating our Marketing and Sales Research Team before becoming a Client Services Manager in 2012.


Holly Mitchell – Client Services Manager

After coming from a background in sales and customer service, working for big names such as Orange, Holly joined BlueGlue in 2012. She quickly advanced through the ranks, leading the Marketing and Sales Research Team before coming a Client Services Manager.

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