How to impress in a video interview

December 19, 2014    |    Posted by    |    Candidate Hub, Interviews and Articles

Since the birth of Skype, online interviews are no longer unheard of, and many businesses worldwide have started to make this an early stage of their interview process. However, as Skype is aging, so is this traditional online interview. So much so, that many businesses are cutting themselves out of the picture altogether and leaving it all to the camera. So, if you’ve got a video interview to complete then read on, as we’ve got some handy hints to help you impress.

Be punctual

Once you receive the link to your video interview from your recruiter you might have been a set deadline by which you need to complete the task. Some companies choose not to even view your CV before they’ve seen you perform at the video interview stage. Other companies will view your CV first, but will request your video interview recording within a few days. To make sure you don’t miss the boat, it’s best to make sure you get this completed as soon as possible. Be wary not to rush this though, as there’s nothing worse than that dreaded feeling of being unprepared.

Practice first

Before you go head first into the video interview, it’s a good idea to practice before hand. You could perhaps set yourself a few typical interview questions and answers and record yourself re-enacting the interview situation. You can then watch your recording back (however cringy!) and see how you could improve before you start the real one.

Keep things tidy

For these kinds of interviews the first thing you want your interviewer to see is you, so you should make sure that you’re in a well-lit, quiet area. It’s important to also move any large objects that may distract the interviewer’s attention, such as posters, TVs, or the pet dog.

As well as this, you want to make sure you look professional, as you would for any other interview. Dressing smartly is a great way to show that you’re taking the interview process seriously, and will also say a lot about your commitment and overall personality.

Be yourself

Companies use this kind of interview not only to speed up the recruitment process, but to get a better understanding of who you are: what’s your personality like, how do you react under pressure, how do you deal with answering unusual questions, for example. However, with this kind of interview it is easy to think of it as being more informal than it actually is (after all, you are talking to a screen!). Therefore, it’s important to remember that although it might not feel like a usual, formal interview, it is crucial to the interview process, so it’s best to act as professional, but as natural as you can. Try not to fall into the trap of sounding like you’ve scripted what you say, though, as this will only give a distorted view of your personality.

Above all, try not to let any nerves get the better of you and focus on giving as great an impression of yourself as you can. Good luck!

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