Why changing industries can be a smart move

March 25, 2015    |    Posted by    |    Candidate Hub

When the time comes for a new role, you might think you’re better off sticking with the industry you know best – after all, it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know, right? However, although it may seem daunting, changing industries could spark the start of a bright, fresh new journey that gives you exactly what your career needs. So, if you’re someone who is sick and tired of the industry you’re working in, and is need of a change, then read on, as our 4 reasons on why changing industries can be a smart move might be just what you need to hear (or, read).

1. It’s an opportunity for you to gain new skills

Having been in the industry for many years, you could feel as though there isn’t any room left for you to develop your skills further. However, if you were to change industries you may find that there is a whole new world of skills you can learn, allowing you to feel like you’re developing and enhancing your career further.

2. Stops you getting pigeon holed

When you’ve been in the same industry for some time, you might feel unprepared if the industry were to underperform or, at worst, go bust. Although the latter seems unlikely, having experience in more than one industry will ensure you don’t end up becoming pigeon holed in one. In the event that you also change your mind on what career path you want to follow, having experienced more than one industry can put you in a very good position when you apply for jobs.

3. You’ll be in demand

Some hiring managers, yes, prefer you to have experienced the industry they’re in, but many do appreciate the quality of experience those from other industries have had. Coming from another industry gives you so much more outside knowledge to share with them, such as different approaches and overall best practices for solving problems. Hiring managers love this, so this is definitely something to keep in mind!

4. Shows off your personality

Not only does it show that you have a vast range of skills in more than one industry, it gives the hiring manager a real insight into your commitment, drive and overall personality. Changing industries can make you feel out of your comfort zone, and so this takes a lot of confidence and dedication to learning new things.

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